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The following communications were made by DraftKings Inc. and Golden Nugget Online Gaming, Inc. to the public on August 9, 2021.


CNBC “Power Lunch” Television Interview


Monday 08/09/2021 2:44PM


Jason Robins


We look at this deal and it checks a lot of strategic boxes. We've really built a brand that resonates very well with the sports fan. We've done a great job cross-selling that sports player onto iGaming. We haven't done as well with the iGaming first customer, which Golden Nugget’s brand really resonates with. They were an early market leader in New Jersey, and have really done a tremendous job building that brand from something - you know it's one of the oldest gaming brands in the world and it still resonates as much today as it did, you know, back 100 years ago so, great brand. Obviously, the opportunity to work with Tilman is a tremendous opportunity, his track record speaks for himself and he's going to be a great board member and a great shareholder and somebody I look forward to learning from. And the synergies are outstanding, you know, you mention $300 million in synergies which is a big chunk of the price of the deal so we're very excited about that and we feel like, listen, the Golden Nugget was trading at $25 not too long ago. We think we got a great deal, we think we got a steal, quite frankly and, you know, when you want to buy things is when they're at the lower point. And I think both of us are very happy with the deal and I think our shareholders are going to be happy with the results that they see.


Rahel Solomon


And Jason, Rahel here, thanks for being with us today. We’ve heard in Contessa’s reporting that the iGaming consumer is really valuable, help us understand what makes the iGaming consumer so valuable and worth the premium.


Jason Robins


Well the iGaming consumer, you know, plays a lot, unlike sports, there's not seasonality to it, they play year-round. You know, it's a customer that has a high degree of their discretionary payment spend focused on gaming. They love gaming. Really high LTVs, they tend to stick around for life and be customers for life, especially when you do a great job with CRM and have a great brand like Golden Nugget and DraftKings. Really valuable customer and we're very excited about the opportunity to expand into new audiences with this deal.


Tyler Mathisen


Tilman, you got a very nice price for this property, this is a property that had been succeeding. Your advertisements in New Jersey were all over the place, you were building this online gaming brand and you're preeminent in that area. I assume you do this deal because you see the two companies as stronger together than they ever could be separately - explain.





Tilman Fertitta


100%, Tyler, and I can tell you, he underpaid for this and I woke up this morning struggling, but you know what I know, this is going to be great for us and it's going to be great for the DraftKings shareholders, okay. What you're getting here - and it's really simple: I got the best management team in this space. These are the guys that understand this space. They are a tech company. This is a tech business. This is unlike our business, whatsoever in bricks and sticks. They are by far the market leader, everybody knows the brand DraftKings, they are the Coca-Cola, the Starbucks of this industry and they're going to be the one with all the people coming from all over the world to attack the sports betting and iGaming in America. They're going to be always one of the top players, most likely the top player. That's what I believe in - remember, I took all stock, there's a reason I took all stock because I want to be there and watch him and his team grow this, be on their board, help them, whatever I can, and be one of their largest shareholders, when this is what they get up and do every day. Remember, they've got a balance sheet with over $2 billion in cash, this is the best team from an analytic and understanding their customer, they have the best platform to grow, their marketing is better than anybody else's but, remember, think about what now happens for both companies, Tyler. They're getting our huge base of customers at our Golden Nuggets, our Golden Nugget online and the Houston Rockets, that they will be marketing to DraftKings and Golden Nugget online that will drive people in our businesses, besides taking our huge databases and driving them to DraftKings. This is a true partnership that there's nobody that I would rather be running the Golden Nugget online brand than this team here.


Rahel Solomon


Tilman, to that end, we hear you say it's really good for shareholders. How might this deal impact the experience of consumers? Might it make it a more pleasant gaming experience, what do you think?


Tilman Fertitta


It's going to, 100%, because, first off, we're really good at online gaming development, slots, everything. The DraftKings customer now will be able to go on and get the best of what they do, which is sports, and the best of what we do. But at the same time now, they're going to be able to use our hotels, all of our restaurants, all over the United States, that they're going to be able to give them perks and give them points to go to our restaurants and our hotels and our casinos. So he's going to have something that nobody else has: the huge Landry Select Club, the 24 Carat Base. Everybody’s buying all of these things for crazy numbers - he got this, okay.


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