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Sporticast Podcast Interview.


Published on Thursday 08/12 5:55AM


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Eben Novy-Williams


We're speaking with Jason Robbins, CEO of DraftKings. Jason, I want to make sure we get to some other big news from DraftKings this week. On Monday, you guys announced a $1.56 billion, all stock deal, an acquisition of the Golden Nugget Online Gaming. This is a play into iGaming, online casino games. Walk us through the thinking here, obviously a big price tag, but walk us through what you're thinking about when you look to acquire a company like that.


Jason Robins


Well, first of all, um, they’ve done a tremendous job, uh, and they were actually, um, prior to sports betting launching in New Jersey, they were number one in market, uh, in the iGaming, um, sector, which is pretty remarkable. There were probably, you know, 15-20 companies. Obviously the sports betting world has exploded and now with all the cross-sell, um, you know, they're not quite there anymore, but, uh, they definitely have a really strong brand that resonates, um, and it resonates with a different segment of the audience than DraftKings. DraftKings’ customer base, as we sort of compared our demographics to theirs is quite different. Um, and so, you know, it really felt like this was a way for us to, uh, be able to get, you know, an incremental segment of the audience that we were having, you know, not as much success reaching with the DraftKings brand today.


They have a great team, um, really excited about the people that are coming over and, um, really looking forward to working with them. And of course you got Tillman who, um, you know, is, uh, not only an incredibly smart guy and strategic guy. He’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur, he also owns the Golden Nugget brick-and-mortar casino. He owns a Landry's restaurant conglomerate. He owns the Houston Rockets. And as part of this deal, we were able to get a commercial relationship with all those entities. And those are all really good partners to have between the database access, the access to having marketing and signage and the brick-and-mortar settings. The Rockets obviously are, you know, in a very large metropolitan area in a very large state and are a very popular team. Um, so a lot of things to like, even outside of the Golden Nugget Online Gaming asset itself, which of course we're very excited about.


Eben Novy-Williams


What’s a bigger opportunity for you guys long-term? Is it sports betting or is it iGaming, do you think?


Jason Robins


Well, uh, I think a lot of that, it depends on legislation and, you know, obviously sports betting has caught on a little bit faster in legislative chambers across the country than iGaming has, but there's no doubt that, you know, once legalized, iGaming is a bigger market, um, I think the numbers prove that out and all the different places that, that have launched both. Um, there's four states now and Connecticut's on its way to the fifth that have launched both. And I think it's pretty clear, uh, you know, looking at the market and even looking at our numbers that the iGaming, uh, revenue opportunity is bigger.




Scott Soshnick


I'm fascinated by the demographics. You mentioned in that acquisition, you had different customer base. You skew male or, you know, DraftKings skewed male. Yet iGaming it, it was more female, which I scratched my head because sports fans, we hear it all the time from whether it's the NBA, the NFL, oh, 50% of our fans are female. Why were you not capturing that audience? And what do you do to capture them outside of go get them another way, which is to spend $1.56 billion on a company?


Jason Robins


Well, I think part of it, yeah, is that, um, you know, sports betters by nature are more heavily male, um, whether it's DraftKings or anybody. Um, and you know, it's not true in iGaming. Golden Nuggets’ database is roughly 5050 male–female. Um, so I think that's a difference. Uh, our average customer age is a bit younger, early thirties. Um, theirs this, you know, a little bit older than that, which again, I think is it just a function of sort of how we build out our initial brand and our customer base. It was in a new product, Daily Fantasy Sports, and products that are new tend to have a younger audience, younger generations adopting them a bit faster. Um, it was something that the world hadn't seen before. Uh, whereas, you know, traditional casino games have had a long, long time to build audiences, um, that, you know, over time have aged. And so naturally it makes sense that the online casino audience is going to be on average a bit older than the daily fantasy audience, which is what we initially built, uh, and where a lot of our cross-sell into sports betting and iGaming has come from.


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