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What is DraftKings’ mission statement?
We make life more exciting by responsibly creating the world’s favorite games and betting experiences.
Where is DraftKings’ corporate headquarters?
We are headquartered at 222 Berkeley Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02116.
Where is DraftKings incorporated?
DraftKings is incorporated in Nevada.
What is DraftKings’ ticker symbol? What exchange does DraftKings trade on?
DraftKings Class A common stock and warrants are listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol “DKNG” and “DKNGW”, respectively.
When does DraftKings’ fiscal year end?
DraftKings’ fiscal year end is December 31st.
Who sits on DraftKings’ board of directors?
Information on DraftKings’ board of directors can be found here.
Who is on DraftKings’ management team?
Information on DraftKings’ management team can be found here.
Where can I find corporate governance information?
You can view DraftKings’ corporate governance information here.
Where can I find DraftKings’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings?
DraftKings’ SEC filings can be found here.
Who is DraftKings’ transfer agent?
DraftKings’ transfer agent is Computershare Trust Company, N.A.

Toll Free Number: +1-800-736-3001 (US, Canada and Puerto Rico)
Direct Dial: +1-781-575-3100

Delivery Address:

Regular Mail
P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

Overnight Delivery
462 South 4th Street Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

Web Address:
Online Inquiry:
Where can I get the latest DraftKings’ company news and financial reports?
You can find the latest DraftKings’ company news here and financial reports here.
How can DraftKings' warrant holders exercise their warrants?

Starting May 26, 2020, warrant holders may exercise their warrants to purchase shares of Class A common stock of DraftKings Inc.

 Registered warrant holders will need to read and complete a Warrant Exercise Form and mail it back to Computershare together with a check for the total exercise amount ($11.50 per share multiplied by the total number of shares of Class A common Stock being purchased).  Alternatively, registered warrant holders can (A) email Computershare’s Corporate Actions team to request the ability to electronically submit their warrant exercise form and total exercise amount, (b) email a signed warrant exercise form in pdf form to Computershare and (c) wire payment of the total exercise amount to Computershare pursuant to wire instructions that will be provided. 

 Registered warrant holders can call Computershare’s Corporate Action call center at 1-800-546-5141 to request a Warrant Exercise Form or email Computershare at for a copy of the form and/or to make an electronic submission request.

Upon receiving a fully-completed Warrant Exercise Form and your check or wire clearing for the total exercise amount, Computershare will exchange the warrants for the shares, which will be registered in the name of the warrant holder and held on DraftKings’ books in direct registration form.

 Warrant holders who hold their warrants through a broker will need to instruct their broker to exercise through DTC’s Warrant Program.  Warrants exercised through a broker will receive their Class A common stock in their broker account held at DTC.

Why was the previously announced redemption date for the public warrants extended to July 2, 2020?
DraftKings decided to extend the redemption date through July 2, 2020 to provide holders of public warrants additional time to exercise their warrants.
What will happen to the private placement warrants following the July 2, 2020 redemption of the public warrants?

The private placement warrants were not subject to redemption in the public warrant redemption process and, to the extent not exercised or transferred prior to July 2, 2020, will remain outstanding and exercisable or transferable following such date in accordance with the terms of the warrant agreement.  Following the redemption of the public warrants, the CUSIP number for the private placement warrants was changed from 26142R112 to 26142R120.  In addition, in light of the small number of holders of the private placement warrants and their limited trading volume following the redemption of the public warrants, and the costs of maintaining the listing, DraftKings has determined voluntarily to delist the private placement warrants from Nasdaq.   

The remaining private placement warrants may be exercised by payment of the exercise price in cash or, for so long as such warrants are still held by their original holder as of the closing of the business combination, by exercise on a cashless basis.  Note that upon any sale of private placement warrants by their respective original holders as of the closing of the business combination, such private placement warrants will be treated as public warrants under the terms of the warrant agreement, meaning that they will be subject to any future redemptions by DraftKings. Any future redemptions by DraftKings will require 30 days written notice to public warrant holders from DraftKings. 

Please see our FAQ above for additional information on how to exercise your warrants. As stated, holders of private placement warrants can still exercise their private placement warrants for shares of Class A common stock. Note that the Class A common stock received by such holders upon exercise of these private placement warrants will be subject to any lock-ups applicable to the holder. 

Where can I get a copy of the notice of redemption that was sent to the holders of DraftKings’ public warrants?

A copy of the notice of redemption of DraftKings' public warrants can be found here

A copy of the notice of extension of redemption date, dated July 1, 2020, regarding the redemption of DraftKings’ public warrants can be found here.

How can I move my shares from Computershare into a brokerage account?

You may have your shares electronically transferred out of Computershare and into a personal brokerage account at any time after all applicable lockup restrictions on your shares have been lifted. Please note that the 180-day lockup restriction will be lifted from, and no longer remain on, your shares effective as of October 20, 2020. 

You will need to contact your broker or your financial advisor and ask them to do a DRS transfer of your shares.  Your broker will submit an electronic request to our transfer agent, Computershare, using the Participants Terminal System through the Direct Registration Profile System.  Please check with your broker regarding timing for completing the transfer.

The broker will initiate the request through their back office and will need the following information from you:


Information Required


Your Computershare Holder Account Number:


Your Tax ID Number (TIN): (if you are a non-US holder, have the broker enter all nines 999-99-9999)


The exact registration name on the Computershare account (the name provided by the broker must match the name on the Computershare account letter for letter):


Exact number of shares to be transferred (whole shares only):


Computershare DRS Number: 7807

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